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Dustless Rafel (Blackboard Eraser) S / M / L / J size
Clean, comfortable and eco-friendly
Heavy-duty Dustless Rafel
Compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing Compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing
Dustless Rafel (Blackboard Eraser)

- Cover contains more than 75% recycled plastic (polypropylene)
- Sponge contains 100% recycled sponge material
- Fabric uses cotton 100% corduroy
- Fabric protection cloth is made of 100% recycled material (felt)
- Does not belch dioxin when incinerated
- Heavy-duty, high-quality materials of corduroy and soft sponge enable speedy cleaning
- Light weight (L size weighs only 80g) allows comfortable use
- Variety of size from S size to Jumbo size

S size : 80mm * 50mm * 25mm
M size : 125mm * 55mm * 40mm
L size : 160mm * 70mm * 45mm
J size : 300mm * 70mm * 45mm

Custom size available upon request

4904085121123 DKRF-S Dustless Rafel S (Corduroy) W80×D50×H25mm 25g
4904085121222 DKRF-M Dustless Rafel M (Corduroy) W125×D55×H40mm 60g
4904085121321 DKRF-L Dustless Rafel L (Corduroy) W160×D70×H45mm 80g
4904085121420 DKRF-J Dustless Rafel J (Corduroy) W300×D70×H45mm 160g