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Dustless Eye Chalk 72pcs /
applicable for achromatopsia
Easy-to-see for everyone
Supports color sense
Universal color design
Compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing Compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing
Dustless Eye Chalk

+ First-ever certified chalk as CUD product
We are proud to introduce chalk that is easy to see for everyone

- By using 4 colors modifying brightness and saturation (vermilion red, yellow, blue and green), it is easier to see especially for people with color vision deficiency.

+ Main material: calcium carbonate

Link to the NPO Color Universal Design Organization

Dustless Chalk is selected as compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing.
[Applicable to all Dustless Chalk lineup using scallop seashells.]

6pcs pack available

4904085110721 DCI-72-R Dustless Eye Chalk 72pcs Vermilion Red W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085110738 DCI-72-Y Dustless Eye Chalk 72pcs Yellow W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085110745 DCI-72-BU Dustless Eye Chalk 72pcs Blue W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085110752 DCI-72-G Dustless Eye Chalk 72pcs Green W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085110783 DCI-72-4C Dustless Eye Chalk 72pcs 4Colors W165×D70×H75mm 800g
4904085110684 DCI-6-5C Dustless Eye Chalk 6pcs 5Colors W98×D112×H14mm 75g

+ Eco-friendly package
Dustless Eye Chalk 72pcs box: coated cardboard (contains more than 90% recycled paper)
Dustless Eye Chalk 72pcs divider: PET resin (contains more than 100% recycled material)