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Kitpas View Board / Eraser / Cleaner
Whole new board produced
putting students needs first

Kitpas View

- Clean and safe
Does not produce dust or flying apart of dust.

- Comfortable
On the surface of view board there are slight dents, to enable clear and soft touch as you draw with kitpas.

- Easy to draw
Feels like chalk, but can use like board marker as you draw.

- Easy to see from anywhere
Less glaze and easy to see.
* white color can be used for projectors as well.

- Heavy-duty
High hardness level and durable for friction.

- Color
2 colors - green which is good for eyes, and white which is easily projected and erased as you use projector.

Kitpas View

Kitpas View

4904085310619VKP-WKitpas View White
4904085310626VKP-RKitpas View Red
4904085310633VKP-YKitpas View Yellow
4904085310640VKP-BUKitpas View Blue
4904085310657VKP-GKitpas View Green
4904085310664VKP-BKKitpas View Black
4904085311616VKH-WKitpas View refills 2cp set White
4904085311623VKH-RKitpas View refills 2cp set Red
4904085311630VKH-YKitpas View refills 2cp set Yellow
4904085311647VKH-BUKitpas View refills 2cp set Blue
4904085311654VKH-GKitpas View refills 2cp set Green
4904085311661VKH-BKKitpas View refills 2cp set Black
4904085326818VKC-LKitpas View Eraser L
4904085326825VKC-L-REKitpas View Eraser exchange L
4904085326917VKC-BXKitpas Cleaner BOX
4904085326924VKC-BX-REKitpas Cleaner BOX Urethane